Construction Site Grading and Excavation For North Carolina

KELLY CONTRACTORS, LLC is a recognized leader of construction site development in North Carolina. We specialize in grading and excavation services. Our team incorporates precise GPS.
Founded by Mac Kelly in 2004, KELLY CONTRACTORS, LLC has earned a solid reputation for on-time and high quality site performance. Our construction site performance and competitive pricing help us exceed our customers’ expectations.

What we do

Construction Site Development

Site Development

Our site development services include excavation, drainage, bulk grading and more. Our services are available across North Carolina.

Excavation Services

KELLY CONTRACTORS, LLC provides professional excavation services. Those services include “Pad Ready” building site preparation.


KELLY CONTRACTORS, LLC provides professional Global Positions Systems (GPS) services. This allow us to finish jobs more accurately.

Kelly Contractors, LLC

“We have a solid reputation for on-time high quality site performance.”

“We offer competitive pricing for our professional work.”

“Our field crews are well trained in site development.”

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